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Elijah and Elisha calling down fire on the church
Revenge of the Prophets

by Dedric Hubbard (August 11, 2010)

After taking one day off I come to find there is some hate in the end-time anointing and being the High Priest over the well I come to Jacob's well to destroy the foundation of false prophets. The world hinges on total destruction by the beauty of the Bride and yet people are confused with traditions, mindsets, theology, and that cursed position of the pastor. It seems strange that people will try the power of God based on evidence of their choices and yet they are in sin trying to find a cure for a perfect vessel that is holy in God sights. But we think it strange that many who say they are God's chosen have no knowledge of God's final plan so they lie and say they were out of town preaching when in fact they were: fire in the hole. So how much does this individual know and jealous was his portion and come October since they like to be sneaking we will share where this so-called prophet really was during his time of absence. So we get upset when one does not look or say things we may want them to say and they try to count people's pocket trying to measure a person's heart and anointing by his money. Is this the church? So what would one say come October when they reveal the deacon and his friend, instead of putting the money back in the church they sign it, cash it, divide it, and then make fun of the person who did it. Now where do they do that at? Fire in the hole. This is just a preview of the main attractions. So they call Elijah a liar and yet wish they could see 10% percent of what Elijah sees, so they complain to God and Elijah and the elders laugh because it was just a set-up for a shutdown so Elijah cuts all the strings of bondage loose because he has to concentrate on the fire. So what the pastors are upset Elijah has nothing to lose. By the way, did you hear about what that pastor did in his office when he took if his shoes and lied about the events just to please the house? Fire in the hole. Elijah fire is on point and we dare won't miss. Coming soon in October we send all flesh to hell for Elijah is rebuilding Elisha so he can revenge Elijah for all the talk that's in the air. But first Elijah will rebuild Elisha for they are two of a kind for the fire is spread between the Bloodline.

And the Lord God stepped in and spoke unto the deep. He looked down Jacob's well and asked Elijah a question, "is that all the fire you want?" and Elijah laughing, "no sir I am saving the best for last I am rebuilding Elisha" and God looked and smiled "come let's go awaken your dad's sister's child." And there he lay, already behind the throne with word curses all around him like a crown of thorns. Elijah picked him up and placed him on the altar of sacrifice and Elijah said, Elisha we are about to raise you up for end-time revival and this is what you must do: I will handle your word curses and you handle mine and when we get through with that place called church God has more for you to do so I will rebuild you and God will speak to your bones. You are built in his image and likeness there are 12 dimensions to your creation and I call them in line behind the throne, God is calling you but the Holy Spirit will lead you from now on, that is why Sunday we were calling you in and being blood I understand and left the light in the middle so you can understand why that you have 4 natures inside of you and all of them want to survive. Your subtle nature was the reason that I let my guard down, for when a person is hungry the beast nature arises and being in the same situation I knew you would take the bait, for your carnal nature will think that it was a mistake, but the God nature in me has now found the God nature in you because he was leading you along because I have kept you hidden by the throne. And now you know his image and likeness and everything that you have done is packed in God's hidden nature in a vault behind the throne. And I now send a decree from heaven to the earth from God straight to you in his language and then I will translate the tongues for you: On this 4th day of Shabbat God says you are Nitsavim and Ha'azainu to what I am saying in Elul you are Tishri for Yom Kippur has come for his Rosh Hashanna has com you are Sukkot for Simchat Torah Revelation 2. What that says is when you read this you will shout praises unto God for you are standing among royalty with me behind the throne and you have given ear to every word that me and your sister have said and God wants you know to live life abundantly for this is your year and his hands was in all your dealings you have performed according to God's destiny for you and now you are safe behind the throne. And when you are ready he will teach you just as me superior in mind and your conversation will all come from God. Now are you ready to give the church hell with your family.  D Elisha hub come forth!!   

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